At PIC, everything we do is focused on making our customers more successful. Therefore, we invest in genetics, supply, health, and services.

Superior Genetics

PIC’s genetic program is driving the fastest genetic improvement in the industry – and it is accelerating.

  • PIC was the first to introduce single step genomics thereby accelerating genetic gain by more than 35%.

  • We are improving selection accuracy by genotyping each nucleus male and female and fully sequencing more pigs than all our competitors combined.

  • We test over 250,000 pigs each year in our Genetic Nucleus and GN cross bred program which gives us more information to develop pigs that work in your system.

    We select to maximize the total economic potential which translates into differentiating products.

• PIC’s terminal sires maximize profitability for producers. We select for efficient throughput, sur vivability and robustness, and carcass value and meat quality. We have a perfect fit for each production system.

• Camborough® sows are outstanding mothers - producing robust, efficient and fast-growing pigs and the most total pounds of pork per sow lifetime.

And you can see the results: a pig with 100% PIC genetics produced this year creates £3.10 more value than a pig produced last year.

Reliable Supply

Today, PIC has the largest elite animal populations and we are strengthening our supply chain to improve quality, availability, and reliability for producers.

• We are expanding our boar mother populations so we can offer a more premium boar from our Profit Plus and GN cross breed programs.

• We are adding elite farms and boar studs to improve reliability of supply.

• We are strengthening our semen quality assurance program.

Robust Health

For 40 years, PIC has pioneered the development of health practices that are now common in the industry.

• Examples include: age segregation in production flows and disease elimination strategies for PEDv, PRRSv, Mycoplasma, and FMD.

We continue to lead the industry by developing innovative solutions to protect the health of our multiplication system and our customers’ herds.

• We continue to invest in people, health surveillance strategies, and communication with our customers.

Unrivalled Support

Through personal relationships with PIC Account Managers and Customer Service coupled with the PIC Genetic Services and Technical Ser vices Team, we help you realize the genetic potential of your herd

• We bring you industry experts on genetics, reproduction, wean-to-finish, nutrition, and meat quality

• We support customers with proprietary genetic management tools to minimize lag and maximize value.

• We offer detailed product manuals that describe the feed and production specifications for your PIC pigs.

• You can get access to our latest tools, such as our reproduction assessment PIC© Pro100, to help identify improvement opportunities.

• We help you realise maximum value from our genetics on your unit.