The first of April 2017 marked a major milestone in the history of Hermitage and the Pig Improvement Company (PIC).We entered into a strategic, long-term partnership with the ambition to accelerate genetic improvement and make pig producers in Europe and beyond more successful.The partnership combines the strength of PIC’s genetic improvement approach and Hermitage’s operational excellence in running an end- to-end supply chain.

PIC will take on the responsibility for genetic improvement.The combined PIC- Hermitage pure line population gives us greater genetic diversity which is an important lever for genetic improvement. PIC will apply its leading science and technology platform to the germplasm and both PIC and Hermitage customers will benefit from that. For example, in 2013 PIC was the first swine genetics company to use single step genomics in their breeding program which resulted in an acceleration of genetic gain by more than 35%. In addition the Hermitage customers will get access to the technical know-how from PIC to help them get the most out of their pigs. PIC continues to invest in our genetics, supply chain, and technical support to create more value for our customers. Our motto is “Never Stop Improving”.

Hermitage takes on distribution and supply chain roles in the partnership.The quality and customer-oriented approach of the Hermitage supply chain will further strengthen the support for pig producers.

• First, Hermitage will continue to serve customers in the UK and Ireland and other agreed markets and build on the long term relationships that had been established.

• Second, Hermitage will manage the combined PIC-Hermitage boar stud networks in the UK, Ireland, and Italy.

• Third, Hermitage will serve as a nucleus in the PIC global network.

In the initial months since the establishment of our partnership, we have focused on a seamless transition for our customers.While we integrate our lines and our supply chains, we will continue to communicate with producers and business partners about the progress we are making and how this benefits you.
At PIC, we are excited about the new partnership with Hermitage. In the end we want to create a better pig every day, get that to you in a bio-secure and reliable way, and help you realize the genetic potential in your farm. Our overall goal is to make you more successful and we believe we can do that together with Hermitage.